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Our mission is to deliver on our customers’ dreams and expectations utilizing our knowledge, skills, and expertise in fashion manufacturing and retailing.

Fashion manufacturers and retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to grow and prosper, particularly in the current tough economic conditions. And it’s even harder for new businesses and new brands that are attempting to get a foothold in the market.

We are a leading fashion manufacturing and retailing consultancy practice. We specialize in manufacturing and retail strategies, product development and procurement, marketing and branding, and developing new businesses. 

Our Services

Global Sourcing and Production

Launching a brand and producing a fashion line is challenging. Getting the final product delivered to your retailers on time is even more difficult.

Custom Clothing Programs

Our expertise in development, sourcing, and management of bespoke and made-to-measure programs for various markets is unparalleled! Made-to-measure is a fast growing segment

Garment Manufacturing Consulting

Design, production and delivery are key elements in any manufacturing enterprise, and non-more so than in fashion where we provide...

Brand Development

Launching a new brand is never easy, particularly in a competitive market where you have to contend with well-established brands.

Retail Sales Force Coaching

We are all aware of the adage that “employees are a company’s greatest asset”. While this may be true, it does come with a caveat, particularly when it comes...

Custom Software Solutions

Making one’s business more efficient, cost effective and competitive are the goals of any business owner.

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