Our Services

Global Sourcing & Production

Launching a brand and producing a fashion line is challenging.  Getting the final product delivered to your retailers on time is even more difficult. Added to this, in today’s tough and competitive economic climate, is a growing trend among fashion brands to switch their sourcing and production to “less expensive” locations, resulting in a situation where cost often trumps quality. 

Whether you are small retail boutique or large operation, we’ll help you meet your goals and overcome the challenges of staying on budget and within cost parameters, sourcing superior materials, non-adherence to quality standards, long-range logistics and supply delays.   

We provide merchandising and development of your product line – from the selection of fabrics and trim, to delivery of a final product to your clients. While we work closely with you to study your requirements and specifications, we strive to meet budgets and deadlines. The Malishevski Group is able to globally source from the best manufacturers of men’s and ladies mid to high-end apparel and accessories. We’ll find the most suitable production house and expedite the whole process, from the first samples to your final product.

We work with our customers as an extended team and analyze their business requirements thoroughly to drive effective and timely results

Custom Clothing Programs

Our expertise in the development, sourcing, and management of custom clothing programs for various markets is unparalleled. It simply comes down to our years of professional training and real life hands-on experience as tailors and technical designers. 

We specialize in creating “turn-key” custom clothing programs and provide direct liaison between the factories, fabric mills, shops and our clients and, if necessary, the end consumer. Furthermore, our consultants are accomplished professionals who will analyze the fit and construction of a garment based on the client’s requirements. 

Custom clothing is a fast growing segment, but is an infinitely challenging business. Considering the drastic shortage of professional tailors and technical personnel who have experience in high quality men’s and ladies’ garment construction, many businesses find themselves in unchartered territory. 

As the fashion industry evolves, so we are beginning to see an increasing shift to fashion design software that offers unlimited designs easier and faster than ever. Unfortunately, good fashion design style and form doesn’t necessarily follow. It still requires a fashion designer that has the vision, skills and creative style to create an end product that will appeal to the target market. If you don’t have the basic tailoring skills, expertise and knowledge, no software program will enable you to make the leap from ordinary to great.

Whether you hire Malishevski Group to be your technical consultant, or choose us to assist you with establishing a custom clothing program, we will ensure your company stands out from the competition.

Key reasons to develop custom programs


Provide a superior, more personal customer service experience


Expand into new markets and develop clientele who generally cannot be fitted off the rack


Provide flexible inventory control measures and prevent overstock situations


Off-set slow retail seasons


Increase cash flow in your business


Develop new return customers

Helping you overcome existing challenges and prepare for future success.

Garment Manufacturing Consulting

Design, production and delivery are key elements in any manufacturing enterprise, and non-more so than in fashion where we provide consultancy services geared specifically to garment manufacturers.

Our proven experience in the custom manufacture of men’s and ladies’ tailored garments means that you can focus on growing your business.

We develop made-to-measure systems and integration into current factory operations: This is a core feature of the services we provide and one that is niche to our business. We review your current made-to-measure programs and advise on technology and pattern changes to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of your business. These recommendations are based on our extensive experience with multiple clients and numerous successful interventions in various factory set ups. We identify the weak and strong points of your business and provide actionable recommendations on how to improve based on your current factory operation.

We provide expertise in garment construction and product costing: We make recommendations on fit, style, etc., and we help identify cost issues related to materials, production inefficiencies and margins.

We are an authority on quality assurance implementation and factory compliance: We assess quality and provide recommendations on improvements related to processes and/or equipment.

We are experts in product development based on specific market, client and fashion direction: We create the product based on specific client or market requests/demands, in addition to styling features.

We provide market research and match-making services: We can identify prospective clients based on the type of product you are manufacturing and offer your services/products to those prospective clients.

We institute pattern audits within your business: We review your existing patterns and samples and identify any issues or shortfalls and suggest improvements.

We provide forensic research of manufacturing and compliance issues: We identify any weak spots in the manufacturing process and any issues related to production flow, quality control, various operational stages, and more.

We offer special service packages for failing or struggling manufacturers to help boost product development, market exposure and efficiencies.

Retail Sales Force Coaching

We are all aware of the adage that “employees are a company’s greatest asset”. While this may be true, it does come with a caveat, particularly when it comes to managing the training challenges of the retail industry. It’s no secret that erratic work schedules, restricted employee availability and employee motivation don’t always help your training attempts. Coupled with this, the retail industry does experience employee churn. So is training worth it? Absolutely! 

By investing in your staff’s knowledge, you create continuity in your business by fostering a successful relationship between employees and your customers. At Malishevski Group, we provide full and enhanced retail sales force coaching in which we cover the most important topics, such as clientele development, sales strategies and techniques, as well as the technical aspects of clothing construction.

We will help you get over the hurdles of not only motivating your employees to attend coaching, but we will ensure that they receive the right coaching to provide a seamless experience to your customers and grow your business.

Some of the benefits of our coaching are:

Stronger relationship between customers and staff members, which ultimately results in repeat and larger sales
Higher rate of closing sales and subsequently higher profits.
Elevated morale and de-escalation techniques.
Improved levels of product knowledge and technical information on fabrics and garment construction.
Deep understanding of garment alterations and how to avoid common errors.


Launching a new brand is never easy, particularly in a competitive market where you have to contend with well established brands. 

Every fashion brand requires the right marketing strategy to ensure that it attracts customers and stays ahead of the competition. At the Malishevski Group we have the skills, expertise and industry knowledge to develop and grow your business and brand.

Our technical skills allow us to help you develop your own unique brand that includes:




Design & development


Sales & distribution

Custom Software Solutions

Making one’s business more efficient, cost effective and competitive are the goals of any business owner. While there are a number of way to achieve this, depending on one’s industry sector, there is no denying that technology innovation cuts across all industries when it comes to achieving these goals. Whether it’s a case of tech-savvy customers using their smart phones to access online fashion boutiques and paying through digital wallets, or fashion retailers using big data to engage with their customers more intelligently and more successfully, there is no denying that the world of fashion can’t escape the impact of technology.

One of the biggest challenges facing any retailer is the ability to adapt to these new technologies and ways of communicating with their supply chain and customers. At Malishevski Group we are very familiar with those challenges and how difficult it can be to convey your message to a technical team.

We possess broad practical experience in the fashion trade, combined with expertise in implementing flexible and user friendly software solutions. Whether your business is a retail front or wholesale distribution company, our professional consultants will analyze inefficiencies and work with you to create the infrastructure required to run your business effectively.

Our expert solutions include development of IT infrastructure comprising of custom software, web presence, social media presence and management, as well as mobile applications.